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The Fidy lab opens at ECU!

Today is my first day at East Carolina University (ECU). I just joined the faculty of the Department of Biology and officially started my new position as an Assistant Professor with a focus on Disease Ecology.

First days are always a huge mixed bag of emotion. It is a time filled with anticipation, excitement, and a whole load of nervousness. I have had many first days, but this one feels particularly special: I see the many new opportunities ahead to develop my research program, making a meaningful contribution to scientific discoveries and forging new relationships and collaborations with peers and students.

I know that this will also be a challenging experience where I will encounter unfamiliar systems, processes, or technologies. I will need to adapt to new ways of working and navigate through a steep learning curve but I maintain a positive mindset and I am very much looking forward to gradually finding my place and making meaningful contribution to this wonderful institution that I now call home.

Soon, I will write about what is the Fidy lab about: what we intend to research, how we will collaborate with peers and the fantastic people that form our team but for this first post I just wanted to say hi, welcome to the fidy lab at ECU and I am looking forward to meeting you and potentially working with you!

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